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Promote your products close to your premises with
a safe and effective pavement sign.




Traffic signs

Stanchion Frames available in various sizes

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Sign Posts

Accessories also available - including "D" clips, square and rectangular clips, back to back clips, end caps, base plates and channel.

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Sign Posts

Aluminium Posts

Non rusting aluminium posts up to 6m lengths - grey powder coated, anodised silver or mill finish.
Standard sizes available - 50mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm

76mm diameter ideal for medium sized signs
89mm or 114mm diameter ideal for large signs

Number of posts required will depend on individual locations, exposure to wind and other factors.

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Steel Posts

Steel posts available in 76mm, 89mm and 114mm diameter - galvanised or grey powder coated.
Also black coated available in 76mm and 89mm as standard ( other sizes are available )
Up to 7.5m lengths available
3mm wall thickness is standard.

Order 76mm diameter black coated steel posts online today

Post guide


Oval Posts


Oval aluminium posts available up to 6m lengths.
Grey, white or mill finish







Wide based steel posts

3m length post - diameter 76mm. Base diameter 140mm available in galvanised finish

Tamper proof inspection hatch

Other sizes available Email us for more information

wide based post - inspection panel








Square aluminium sign posts

Square aluminium sign posts available in 50mm and 76mm sizes

Up to 7.5m lengths

Standard colour grey, other colours are available on request

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Galvanised Steel Post Extension

Available in 76mm diameter x 1metre lengths plus the steel internal expansion joint.
Supplied ready for you to paint .

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How many posts do you need ?

This table is offered as a guide only, and is subject to ground conditions.
Consult a structural engineer if in any doubt about stresses and loading limitations.







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Traffic Post Clips

These stainless steel D clips are available in all standard sizes. We also supply  square and rectangular clips complete with stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.
Order 76mm and 89mm on-line today


Base Plates

Steel base plates are available in various sizes - 50mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm .

Order 76mm and 89mm on-line today


Post Caps


Post caps internal and external  - available in various sizes to fit aluminium and steel posts - round and square - standard grey.







Back to Back Clips


Back to back stainless steel clips come in all standard post sizes, complete with square headed stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.





Grey coated channel accepts all standard traffic sign clips  ( size 25mm )







T Channel


    T Channel  - use T channel to attach any double sided sign to a post with tamtorque clips .

 Tamtorque Clips and Driver

        These clips with it's driver are used for strapping
        signs to lamp posts and non standard sized posts -
        Easily adjusted and can be re-used.
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