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Suppliers of high grade signs and advertising material
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Promote your products close to your premises with
a safe and effective pavement sign.

Traffic sign posts



New -Great range of door and desk top signs

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Opening plaques - clear acrylic, aluminium, engraved stainless steel and brass



Unveiling Curtains
for hire, Freestanding kits also available
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Identity Signs

The signs by your main entrance will tell your visitors (and competitors) more about you than almost anything else.


We work closely with you to create an image and finished product that will reflect your ethos and aspirations.


Rigid plastic, aluminium composites, aluminium extrusions and powder coated steel are just some of the materials we work with. Attention is given to durability and potential malicious damage.


.Click for opening  plaques

Available in clear acrylic, aluminium, engraved brass, printed or engraved stainless steel.

Commemorative and Memorial Plaques

Zinc Plaques

  • Detailed text and illustrations

  • No maintenance

  • Long lasting quality

Zinc plaques are ideal for outdoor situations as they do not rust or require maintenance. This wonderful plaque is round but zinc plaques can be produced in many different shapes and sizes.




Close up view of detailed text which is polished zinc with coloured background. Backgrounds can be in a variety of colours.




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These plaques are ideal as name plates for boats, homes or businesses.


Or to commemorate an event






Available in different shapes and sizes.
Choice of background colour.




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